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it's for the hamster that i'm going to buy

so peeerfect!

so peeerfect!
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Sleeping at the barrier, spacing out left and right, ignoring favourite musicians like whoa
20-kilos-of-blingy-shit, 5 am decisions, almost missing ur airplane, amazing production, being the gay ones, biblical amazing dramatic, bonding-with-bands-over-fabrics, eeeexcellent, emoing over palahniuk books, flipflops, fuck! shit!, getting mistaken for mcr, i-am-an-architect-they-call-me-art-vandelay, kirppu, painkillers and caffeine pills, purple anything, realm of songmanship, ripping, rosevests, sewing, shiny billy talent badges, snubbing lead singers, sounding tougher in german, teenagers from las vegas, the ataris effect, the pompous gothic bonapartes, the shirt of openness-love-and-liberty, wwii military police insignia, zack, zwärrde (silent e)